Feb 9, 2009

Less Than Three

Everybody wants less than three
And to keep it for infinity
Less than three can be the greatest feeling
Its not that easy, you have to be willing
Young cats say less than three is for the birds
But some just use it to get under girls skirts
I mean every young girl wants less than three
They thinks its the key to the birds and the bees
But in all reality
its the key to babies
and a check that never comes each month
but yet ur willing to have another bump
because he says "i less than three you"
but ur friends think ur a fool
but you think theyre all jus jealous
cuz they all want ya fella
but you know its not less than three
but thats all you been guaranteed
really, less than three is the pound of his fist
and wishing that you and the pain didnt coexist
you wanting to run away each night
all because you cant put up another fight
but in the morning your right there next to him
him smiling because he knows ur such a wimp
but thats less than three
so you let it be.....

Feb 8, 2009

One Plus One Always Equals Zero

One Plus One Always Equals Zero

Im probably barely on your mind
And that cool, i guess ill be fine
But these feelings are true
All i think of is you, just you
But you never ever get it
Like a pop quiz from physic
Cant fit anythin else in my shoppin cart
Its pretty filled up with your heart
But i cant check out
its like i dont know how
cuz one plus one always equals zero
you n me jus cudnt be a pair so
i tell cupid nevermind
maybe its jus not the right time
if we were ment to be then it wud be
but im tired of that sayin, dont you agree
cant we be a sappy love song
i dont wanna be right if lovin u is wrong
but one plus one doesnt equal two
but i thought u all knew