Apr 8, 2009


Bored. Late night writings. Random thoughts. Nothin special lol. Dont mind the title lol & dis deff aint rated G lol

We're steaming, like a cup of hot tea
But aint no love, we're jus fucking.
Heavy breathing, like a fat kid in gym.
But aint no love, we're jus fucking.
Got me screaming, like dem white chicks in the movies.
But aint no love, we're jus fucking.
Got you eating, like the feed the needy group.
But aint no love, we're jus fucking.
Bet you wont catchin me sucking, like pop on a hot day.
Cuz aint no love, we're jus fucking.

Late night quickie.
No strings attached.
Only drunk sex.
Lil less cuddling.
Red light special.
A threesum anyone?
Freaky & Frisky
Damn, it broke!

Condoms, condoms. They really keep you safe.
Condoms, condoms. Hope they never break.
Infections, infections. Arent really cool.
Infections, infections. Should be checked b4 yall are nude.
Tested, tested. There nothin to be ashamed.
Tested, tested. Pray you didnt get AIDS.

Apr 7, 2009

Poem for Cash

I think ur pretty hot.
Who cud say ur not.
U keep a smile on my face.
Wudnt want any other way.
Ur too good to be true.
Like a winter w/out the flu.
Boyfriend material.
Always original.
I still want my private show.
Clothes off, butt naked, lets GO!
There when I need.
Band-aids when I bleed.
Luv ya bugged eyes.
Ur gentle & kind.
My auto-tune whore.
But i always want more.
My blog buddy.
Always keeps me company.
Jus imagine if he lived next door.
Ok, that thought will not be explored.
He's got a baby face like me!
If he was mine, i wud keep.
He's pimping Cash.
Man, I luv his ass <3.