Feb 10, 2010

Sweeeet!! Karma Deals!!!

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Crooks and Castles

The Bonnie Tank in Purple
Women's Tops (Sleeveless)
Lightweight oversized racer back tank with screen print on front; 100% rayon.
By Crooks & Castles

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Hold My Hand

Excuse me, may I take ya hand
Just hold me, give me a chance
Hold me tight boy, hold me tight
Hold me like this is our last night
But I just wanna hold ya hand
Grab em both && slow dance
Close ya eyes && kill the world
Tonight I wanna be ya only girl
Cant we just hold hands
Start up a lil romance
Lie up under the stars
Kissing is the best part
No I just wanna hold ya hand
And show you im your #1 fan
Cheering you up on your worst days
Making sure you're always Okay
So can we just hold hands
Thats it, nothing else planned
But promise not to let go
Always keep a hold <3