Oct 13, 2009

Justin Bieber - One Less Lonely Girl Video

I love this kid, he will go far. One Less Lonely Girl is his second single off his upcomin album. I really love this track, man can this kid make sum great love tunes that arent too sappy n slow, and brings you back to ur younger days lol

link to the video here, yall know i wud have the video played here but his team got that disabled

Oct 12, 2009

Michael Jackson - This Is It

#MusicMonday - Michael Jackson "This Is It"
So last night his new song was released on his website for his new bio movie comin out Oct 28th. What do you think of it? I love it, not just saying cuz its MJ, but its has a nice smooth move to it. Its a lil bit of old MJ meets the new.

Human Game Of Tetris

We all played tetris before, but not like this. When i saw this i thought it was really cool. A couple of free boarders from San Fran, CA made my day today doin this lol. I would love to get a couple of my friends and do this, but first we need a really huge hill and know how to skate too lol

Oct 11, 2009

Look Mom No Hands

When i first seen this video i was dyin of laughter lol u gotta watch this! & the funny thing about this is the other nite i saw a motorbike parked on the side so they can text n i was like well we kno he cant text n drive, but nevermind lol


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Welcome Back

Sorry ive been gone, just been a lil busy doing nothin lol. But no im back to updatin more and more on the newest trends, fashion, music, celebs, n more!!! so stay tune dolls. kisses