Jun 29, 2009

JayZ Kills Children Dreams

As yall may or may not know, I am a really big fan of Chris Brown and I heard that he was supposed to perform last night at the BET Awards and didnt!! As word from one of his dancers is that JayZ wouldnt allow it. Instead the old dude (which between him n his wife beyonce think theyre wayy much younger, but thats a diff blog) had to take his spot to perform DOA. Uhh how lame is that. Everybody knows what MJ meant to Chris and JayZ slapped him in the face by tellin him you cant pay your respect to MJ tonight! & JayZ cud have at least didnt somethin for in MJ name, but nope he didnt. Jus rude. & Chris was really had high hopes for this & even his team BEGGED BETs ppls to let him go on, but Jay wanted to be a poor sport about it. I think if Chris performed he would have killed it and the award show wouldnt have been so freakin borin!!!! so Miss Deb (BET Boss Lady) dont let Jay tell you what to do again, he deff put ya show ratings down so far to the ground.

But the Jacksons got news of this and calls Chris and lets him know that MJ would have wanted him to perform. Which i believe we all would have wanted him to perform.

Jun 28, 2009


Ok so as most of yall who had nothin better to do was either at the BET Award shows (in cali) or watchin it from home. Well here is my input on what i thought of the show. (PS im writin as i watch so i may take things back as i write)

**I didnt see the full pre-show, but so far Pleasure P had the worst performance EVER!! Dude was out of breath by the chorus and was talkin/singin...big NO NO. Deff wont be goin to no concert of his anytime soon until he fixes that.

**Day26 won an award so far. Great, wishes Diddy wud sit down, but they had a nice performance

**Oh Jerimiah was sexi, luved his performance


**Didnt like the openin performance by New Edition i believe, could have brought it better for MJ

**Jamie Foxx is mega funny

**LeBron James for Best Male Athlete (but wat was up wit his crew & the dude wit the tight I<3NY tee lol) , and Lil Wayne for Best Male Hip-Hop Artist

**Loved Keri Hilson performance and all her mini Keri Hilsons, gr8 job

**Neyo did an okay Job at performin MJ song

**Keke gave a lil voice of a MJ song, killed it lol

**Soulja Boy did his thang, no bad comment.

**Jamie & TPain did a good set wit hella cameos from diff ppl

**Jamie Foxx & T-Pain - Blame It won bestcollaboration

**Best MaleR&B - Ne-Yo. He jus broke many young girls n dudes alike hearts with that kiss from his girl b4 he went up for his award.

**Beyonce sings an Italian gospel song in english in a weddin dress. WHY? idk the should have sang Ave Marie, no Bey, not a good look.

**the new Martin & Jamie movie Skank Movie looks mega funny lol. Deff gunna see it

**Mary-Mary did their thang. I luv that "its a God in me" brought up Queen Latifah

**Best Actress - Taraji Henson. She is sooo goofy & crazy

**Best New Artist - Keri Hilson. Whoot whoot. thats my chic

**Jamie performs again but wit Ne-yo & Fabo. I guess if u you host it u get to do a lot of extra than most. this is the official Jamie Awards show brought to you by BET lol

**Neyo performance is best so far. brought out Keith Sweat. i miss that dude. Then he brings out GUY. deff rockin it. OMG did he jus bring out BBD, yes he did. Now if he cud get out the Jacksons to do sumthin (prolly not cuz they tryin to handle the death) but that wud be sum amazin shxt.

**Ciara gets up to sing a MJ song. I thought she sounded great and better than Bey did.

**I dont like what Keyshia Cole is wearin for her performance, but Monica was lookin nice. But they did a good job. WTF is Beyonce wearin (they showed her in the audiance lol im deff gotta get pics later)

**Best Female R&B artist - Beyonce. No surprise in that. Then Jay-Z camel face performs lol. Let me stop hatin. I luv them. but he did a good job

**the soul train guys comes out and talks about the OJs, i guess BET aint gunna drop everythin for MJ, cuz neither is most of the other artist, they been workin too hard to change up their performance, they all jus gunna say somethin nice and wear sum MJ attire. I thought it was cute though how they had Trey, Tyreese & sum other dude play the young OJs. great performance. Then the OJs gets their lifetime award and performs. they did good for sum old ppl lol jk

**Viewers Choice Awards - TI ft Rihanna-Live.Ya.Life. Tiny (his wife takes the awards cuz TI is doin time lol)

**Tyrese and cast redo Baby Boy skits while gavin out awards

**2009 Video of the Year - Beyonce-Single Ladies. Duh. deff not a surprise either. How many times has that song or video been played out.

**Maxwell performs. I Love that dude. Sings Pretty wings and has mega wings (feathers) fall down.

**Drake aka Wheel Chair Jimmy & Wayne Performs. The bleep out most of their performances and all the wrongs words lol

**Last come Ms Janet Jackson to rep for her family. She gives a nice speech and then back comes Jamie & Neyo singin one last Michael song. I think that was the best part so of the show

Well that pretty much sums up the worst award show ever!!!!!!! Tryin to pay tribute to MJ they kinda failed at that but they tried and thats all that counts. The show was a mess period. BET step up ur game next year pls.


Yeah so this week must be the official week of deaths. I think about 5 major celebs died this week back to back. The main one everyone has been talkin about is Michael Jackson. He was the king of pop. He's been in the news for many things, between songs and scandals. I loved MJ, esp the movie too. Lately they have been playin a lot of his songs n video, but can we see the Jackson 5 movie too! Please!! But everyone has been askin, whats ur fav MJ song, to hell if i say, but i love them all from the time he was singin wit his bros to his solo career to when he was black to when he was white.