Apr 12, 2011

@DeStorm on Relationships

Just watch && learn

Apr 10, 2011

To Kiss or To Not Kiss

this reminds me of what kinda happened last week or two ago….i was chillin wit dis boy on campus at the student center; it was our 1st time chillin so it was already awkward; plus i jus came outta a relationship so i was tryin to jus coast it [but he was too cute for all dat lol]. he had the nicest lips && i wanted to taste em so bad but i didnt [insert chris brown song “i should have kissed you”] my mind was holdin back but body language wise; i guess i failed cuz a week later he stated i had that look in my face like i wanted to kiss him && he was unsure if he shud since he knew my pass situation n all [damn you]; 
but then it also brings me to the time i went over to my so called homeboy’s house; i knew he kinda was kinda crushin; but i thought we had been let that go so i thought i was safe to chill wit him alone; guess not; we were sittin there watchin tv and he leaned in outta no where to kiss me; me i wanted to lean away and deny the kiss and be like what r u doin; but i already knew that answer && i didnt wanna be rude and all [cuz i wud be feelin sum type of way if sum nigga did that to me…shxxxtt lol]
but has any of this ever happen to you? 

Till Death Do Us Part

aww now this is sweet <3 i really hope to find someone i can grow old with and still do the lil things that can make me smile from when we 1st started dating. <3 can i have that?

Perfect; not so much....

now this is cute; can i have something like this?? i wanna do sumthing fun && awkward with my future hubby; but ppl i always end up datin are jus too cool or normal. Nobody wants to take a chance and do sumthin out of the norm. ppl are too conscious bout other ppl watchin…dance like no one is watchin dammit! lol
call me weird; but honestly my perfect date is sittin up on sum empty bleachers in a field wit sweet music playin from the ipod or w/e and enjoyin sum sandwiches or BK and jus enjoying each other and what not; the lil things <3 jus sittin there from sun down to sun up; can i have that -shrugs-