Aug 1, 2009

Never Comin Down.

I want to share the world with him
But scared the heart wont lend
I'm usually so open and free about things
But what if this turns into a nightmare instead of a sweet dream
I told myself not to do it this time
I signed right on the dotted line
I didnt wanna fall but somehow im not on my two feet
Instead I find myself high on these magical wings
A gift that came with this new found dude
I guess I always had them but never had a clue
Flying ever so high now
Truely on the 9th cloud
Never wanna come down
Hope he always stay around.

Drake Collapsed & Wayne Has A Moment!!

Many of yall may know that I am not the biggest fan of Drake or Wayne but i gotta love them both for this. So I was on twitter and I saw someone say that Drake collapsed and I had to find out why Wheelchair Jimmy wasnt in his chair properly lol. I guess he injured his knee/ACL sumtime prior to the performance and didnt get approval from the doc after only 2 days of messin it up the 1st time.

According to sources
Drake and Lil Wayne were performing “Best I Ever Had” when Drake was moving across the stage and did a spin move…he must have turned his already-injured knee while spinning, because Drake suddenly collapsed on the stage. “He put his head down because he was in so much pain,” and then 4 guys ran out on the stage and had to carry him off. Lil Wayne was left onstage in a state of confusion.

But the thing that got me the most was what Lil Wayne had to say!
Damn, I knew that n—a’s knee was bad, but I didn’t know it was that bad! I thought he was just in a wheelchair on T.V.
LOL Wayne, are u serious! But Mr. Wheelchair Jimmy if u dont stay off that knee and all u really will be because his doc commented saying that if he messes it up again he can never walk again. SMH