Jun 25, 2009


Yall remember this, ok well many of us werent born durin this time, but still. Was Eddie serious when he did this or was off to makin another joke that turned into a complete hit. But the bigger question is, could he or should he make another song lol

Jun 24, 2009


Ugh, today i realized that im a bumm lol. This is no laughin matter. I live at home with my mom, got to get back into a different college and still searching for a job. & to make matters worst, i think i gained some pounds being home and i dont have a phone service (again) UGH! So im AQ, the bum lol nah but ugh idk.

I miss my bestie Brit!!! I really luv this girl, couldnt asked for a better friend in my life (other than Jesus). We had too many crazy nights. BBF

Hmmm, what else, im still tryin to step up my song writin skills & gotta get back to writin my book. well thats all for know, if anythin juicy comes around, ill fill u in <3