Jun 24, 2009


Ugh, today i realized that im a bumm lol. This is no laughin matter. I live at home with my mom, got to get back into a different college and still searching for a job. & to make matters worst, i think i gained some pounds being home and i dont have a phone service (again) UGH! So im AQ, the bum lol nah but ugh idk.

I miss my bestie Brit!!! I really luv this girl, couldnt asked for a better friend in my life (other than Jesus). We had too many crazy nights. BBF

Hmmm, what else, im still tryin to step up my song writin skills & gotta get back to writin my book. well thats all for know, if anythin juicy comes around, ill fill u in <3

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C.J. said...

naw, have faith girl. you got supreme potential. just keep on doing what you got to. don't let this recession get to you. its holding back a lot of great folks.