Jun 29, 2009

JayZ Kills Children Dreams

As yall may or may not know, I am a really big fan of Chris Brown and I heard that he was supposed to perform last night at the BET Awards and didnt!! As word from one of his dancers is that JayZ wouldnt allow it. Instead the old dude (which between him n his wife beyonce think theyre wayy much younger, but thats a diff blog) had to take his spot to perform DOA. Uhh how lame is that. Everybody knows what MJ meant to Chris and JayZ slapped him in the face by tellin him you cant pay your respect to MJ tonight! & JayZ cud have at least didnt somethin for in MJ name, but nope he didnt. Jus rude. & Chris was really had high hopes for this & even his team BEGGED BETs ppls to let him go on, but Jay wanted to be a poor sport about it. I think if Chris performed he would have killed it and the award show wouldnt have been so freakin borin!!!! so Miss Deb (BET Boss Lady) dont let Jay tell you what to do again, he deff put ya show ratings down so far to the ground.

But the Jacksons got news of this and calls Chris and lets him know that MJ would have wanted him to perform. Which i believe we all would have wanted him to perform.

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