Apr 7, 2009

Poem for Cash

I think ur pretty hot.
Who cud say ur not.
U keep a smile on my face.
Wudnt want any other way.
Ur too good to be true.
Like a winter w/out the flu.
Boyfriend material.
Always original.
I still want my private show.
Clothes off, butt naked, lets GO!
There when I need.
Band-aids when I bleed.
Luv ya bugged eyes.
Ur gentle & kind.
My auto-tune whore.
But i always want more.
My blog buddy.
Always keeps me company.
Jus imagine if he lived next door.
Ok, that thought will not be explored.
He's got a baby face like me!
If he was mine, i wud keep.
He's pimping Cash.
Man, I luv his ass <3.

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