Nov 5, 2009

Why? (New Poetry)

Why does she cry?
Is it because she's broken inside?
Or is she filled with the joy of life?
Maybe its the hurt from the past n present guys?
Why does she hurt?
Is it because she been kicked down to the dirt?
Or is she just putting in too much effort?
Maybe its the pain from hearing rumors of her guy flirt?
Why is she in pain?
Is it because life is too hard to sustain?
Or is she filled with so much knowledge thats pushing her to insane?
Maybe its the hope that her guy will never wanna go stray?
Why does she hope?
Is it because she knows one day she will be off this tightrope?
Or is she finally learning to cope?
Maybe its because she knows her love is a big slope?
Why? Well never really know.

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