Feb 19, 2009

All I See Is You

It seems like everywhere I go I see you
But it’s not you; maybe I’m really a fool
But why can’t I get you out my mind
Like a silly stupid nursery rhyme
I said I moved on, my love is long gone
Maybe it’s not, and I’m sooo wrong
I don’t care about the way that you smile
Or how you always can take away my frown
Or the way u touch the tip of my ear
Let me stop, because I don’t really care
I remember all the forever broken promises
And how you always wanted to go further in this relationship
Of course that was another broken promise
Its feels almost just like a poisoned kiss
It didn’t help that I was love sick
I let it go, and dealt with it
Thinking in time you’ll man up
Yeah right I need better luck
I tried to make you be replaced
But I just can’t seem to make you erase
So I continue to see you
In a world so mute
Black and White
All so quite
So I close my eyes
And I do try
But you’re right there
Given me a stare
All I see is you
Nothing but you

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