Mar 12, 2009


So imma stop writing you love poems
Wasnt like you ever did read em
Imma stop the text messages with hints
Of how i want you ova to chill wit
I cant forget how u be forgettin bout me
But ill try not to let my wound bleed
I miss the days that u made me smile
I wished there werent dem days u made me frown
I thought u be the one
Guess maybe I was wrong
I thought u be different, but u ended up the same
You jus ended like the last dude, lame lame lame
I hate how u still spark my desire
If say otherwise, then call me a liar
I changed up my game for you
Cuz for you, i wanted to be true
I wanted to be wifey type
& let u hold me tight
I feel like im walkin in the friend zone
and what sucks more is that im walkin alone

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