Jan 9, 2010

Go Go Power Rangers!!!

If you were born in the 80s and/or grew up in the 90s then you deff should remember these teens. I just relived my childhood this morning when i found out they were airing the original rangers. I remember the many fights i had wit other girls when i was lil on who would be the pink ranger [[idky no one wanted to be the yellow girl]] lol. && oh i was soo happy when Tommy can aboard the show, cuz he was one hunk so i had to be the pink ranger so i could get my boo!! lol && i remember those weird puddies they wud always fight and they wud make those weird noises all the time. Sumtimes i wud want to be them wen we role-played jus to make those noises [[yea i was a weirdo && still am lol]] oh the memories, i hope they come on again next week

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