Jan 8, 2010

-Love Is A Losing Game-

So im sitting here listening to music while I work on my t-shirt designs
Yes! My production line [AQsProduction] is coming out wit a t-shirt line...be lookin out!! 
and my girl Amy Winehouse comes on with one of my fav song hence the title lol but ugh LOVE is soo hard to figure out!! Aint no easy button for it [and if there is, where can i get one lol].
  But its a shame a lot of ppl dont wanna try love cuz of fear that they will be hurt once again. But i think thats the thrill in love, you will never know if its real or not till you step into it. If not, you shead a fear tears, get back up, and go back on the battle field. Not everyone can win the fight <3

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