Mar 18, 2011

Whats a girl to do?

[i think imma start using this blog more for my personal thoughts && my tumblr for my randomness]

so yeah, like what is a girl to do? i have never been the one to cheat but its like right now it seems that every other dude is tryin to holla && saying all the right things to me. && what sucks more is that my so called boyfriend isnt. Its like everyday it is somethin he is doin to urk my nerves && i swear i feel as if he doesnt really care; && he says he do; but he has the worst ways to show it for real. && he wasnt even pose to be the one for me to fall for; i could have made a list of about 10 things on why he isnt boyfriend material but that list doesnt matter i guess cuz we still ended up together. i think i got suckered in. && a part of me wants to get out and another part of me wants to stay; but all i kno is he needs to step his game up cuz the boys are a calling lol

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