Apr 7, 2011

New Chapter...New Book.

Yeah I know i have been slackin [[big time]] wit this writing ish; but a girl be busy, u kno. [yes i am lackin with proper grammar; sue mee lol]

But yeah; so i have recently been on the single tip since mid march && it feels as whatever. Like i wasnt really heartbroken [i mean i did call it off] and there wasnt any regret; it jus feels weird. He didnt really fight it, he didnt have much to say, it was just ok, bye. It was soo settle and calm. But now i walk this world as the lonely, awkward, weird girl; so dont all you come at once honking your horn lol.

So now i am ready to start a new book. Its gunna have a fresh ass cover && dope ass pages. Right now i am doing me and keeping my mind in the books like i was b4; i said this year this is to be no boyfriends and i broke it; damn youu!!! esp when i said i wasnt gunna date him after he failed 3 diff times b4 finally being officially....damn you again. But i aint lettin it happen this time....single till may 20sumthin; when ever i grad or close to it; well see.

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