Aug 31, 2011

New school; new people...

First day of school are always awkward; esp when you have a cute, young white professor; UGHH lol. and then there were also some cute, clean looking white boys too. I was in heaven!! ya girl is gettin her a white man by the end of the semester :) no really, i want one. And not only are they white; but they are those artsy white, you know the one who will paint ya picture and all. the ones you can bring out to art shows!! we need to do some group work && i need to change my seat cuz i didnt place myself near all the cute ones :(. But this school feels like VCU in know; you have class with all these white people and then you head out to the cafe and common area and your surround by the black people lol but lets hope i like this school <3

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