Aug 29, 2011

oh you have a kid(s)....

now i am not the one to judge someone ever; but it seems like everyone seems to have a kid or two; and they all seem to find me; like DF??? and its not to say that i dont like kids; cuz i love them and thats my problem; but i jus sumtimes cant compete or dont have time to try to compete with their baby's mom. Yea not all of them are crazy, but most of them are and always seem to use the child against the guy. and i hate drama and i will drop you in a min. but then its also that i cant give you that special moment of seeing your child being born as your 1st born. we both wont be going into pregnancy as rookies. I can no longer give you that gift of a 1st born, and i want that. so what do you do; esp when the guy seems pretty awesome. do you jus ignore; give him a try; or put him in the friend zone?? ugh; let me know....feed back in the comments

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