Aug 31, 2011

"Who Is Mildley Woods?" Mixtape Review (@souljasdi) + download link

So I just happened to be given the opportunity to get my hands on the latest masterpiece by Soulja Corleone and find out who is Mildley Woods; which also happens to be the title of his anticipated mixtape set to be released Sept. 2.

I have had the pleasure of listening to his prior albums, ep & tapes; but this right here feels like the guilty pleasure you get when cheating on a diet; with that no regret feeling. From the moment of pressing play, you are welcomed with a nice, smooth head bopper and you're just coasting thru this album. You get everything in this album, something to just mellow out to, something to get hype to,  and something to pop that booty to lol. This tape also has some hard features that include Yung Rocky, Ca$h, The Kid, & Legend to enjoy.

So there were a couple of tracks that stood out to me. (in no particular order) First, "Sunday Brunch"; besides from the awesome lyrics, it had that early 90s of Bone Thugs N Harmony type feel. And couple tracks later we kinda revisited the west coast with "In Love With A Gangsta" because I swear Nate Dogg was on that track lol.

Now "F*cked Up" is one of my favs. This song was made for the party people. This is the song you play before you head out to the club! You know as you and ur gang is trying to get fxcked up before leaving; yeaa you need to play this; pre-game anthem. Shxt just got real lived in this bxtch lol.

"The Thrill" is another fav of mine. Something real easy to listen to and all. Something you play while riding shotgun with the boo or just rolling up and all. The beat and hook went hard. As we get towards the end of the tape "We Be At It" plays; and idk; but my hips just automatically start moving; oh yea its one of them type songs. Soulja killed his part on the verse; i could of had his baby lol.

Overall, I would have to give this album 5 out of 5 stars. This album is deff a banger. I never once skipped over a song and even replayed some songs. He was even a bit comical on some parts of the tape && has the New Orleans swag you'll fall in love with. This album is not only for the bros with its heavy beats and lyrics, but also for the ladies too. So be sure to download WHO IS MILDLEY WOODS Sept 2nd. [Link will be updated upon release]

Track listing (*My Favs **Fan Favs)
1. The Birth of Mildley Woods (Intro)
4. Interlude 1 (Smoke & Get High)
6. M.O.N.E.Y Ft. Cash
*8. The Thrill Ft. L3GEND
9. Interlude 2 (Born, Live, Die)
**,*11. Self Made (G Mix) Ft. Yung Rocky, L3GEND, & Cash
12. Mildley Woods Speaks
**13. In Love with a Gangtsta
14. You Don't Know Me Ft. The Kid & L3GEND
15. Mildley Woods Special Ft. The Kid
16. MC Khalifa (Remix) Ft. L3GEND & Cash
17. Interlude 3 (The Times)
*18. We Be At It Ft. Cash
19. Mildley Wood Speaks (Outro)

And before I leave this post, there were a few others invited to the listening session and many of them stated "this is an album that will go down as a classic", "better than Afterbirth", and "I would deff purchase this". On average they rated his work 5/5 stars as well.

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