Aug 31, 2011

#throwback - OJ the Juiceman - I'm Boomin' & Bunkin'

omg this brings me back to 2008 riding shotgun wit the bestie smokin a mild or feelin the alcohol either b4 or after the club/party. Oh how i miss them VCU days lol This was when i still held my "black" card, when i listened to rap a bit heavy, esp this trap music. Man i knew soooo many OJ lyrics, Gucci, Redrum, & Shawty Lo lyrics, i knew em all. Then i came back up to white ville CT and start bumping Big Time Rush && Selena Gomez lol oh man; those were the days!

But back to this song, i remember one night after stoppin at a 7eleven, and i was a bit high && drunk, and all i wanted to do was shout out the adlibs of AYE AYE AYE OK!! lol && my bestie was jus like "this nigga rii here lol"

But on another note; kids say no to drugs and alcohol and stay in school. :)

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